Choreographer and Artistic Director Vaswati Misra

The Dhwani Repertory is a celebration of sound and movement drawing upon the dance form Kathak. Their performances are contemporary, yet resonate with a long history of cultural traditions.

Showreel of Dhwani Dance Company
Dhwani Repertory with ‘Raha’ & Parvathy Baul

The versatility and virtuosity of the Dhwani dancers owes much to the training imparted by Vaswati Misra. Herself, an accomplished artiste of the Lucknow Gharana of Kathak,Vaswati’s choreography imbibes within itself all the aspects that go into making Kathak the dance form it is. The interpretation of sound and beat, strong yet lyrical movements of the body, powerful statements of the feet and subtle expressions give rise to works that have been appreciated by audiences wherever they have been performed.

The repertory which receives grants from the Ministry of Culture, Government of India and is on the panel of the ICCR has performed at a number of major, national and international festivals. Their tours have taken them to:

Dhwani’s recognition has also come from its empanelment by the Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR) and the Ministry of Culture.

The repertory has performed widely in the country including at

Vasantotsav – New Delhi
City Palace Festival – Udaipur
Shilpa Mela Festival – Allahabad
Khajuraho festival – Madhya Pradesh
Raigarh festival – Madhya Pradesh
Orcha festival – Madhya Pradesh
Maihar festival – Madhya Pradesh
Kathak Mahotsav – Delhi, Kolkata
Nisha Gandhi festival – Trivendram
Lucknow Mahotsav – Lucknow
Swarna Mahotsav – Ahmedabad
Choreographic festival – Mumbai
21styear celebration – Bharat Bhavan, Bhopal

JEEVAN – a choreographic production based on ten poems written by the Late Dr. Harivansh Rai Bachan. First premiering in Mumbai, the production was later presented at THE LINCON CENTRE, Avery Fisher Hall with the participation of Shri Amitabh Bachchan.

RARE RHYTHMS – A festival celebrating rhythm, featuring performances by Viku Vinayakram, Selva Ganesh, Sivamani, Shafaat Khan/Govind Chakraborty and the Dhwani Repertory.

PINOCCHIO – A musical based extravaganza, based on Carlo Collodi’s memorable character. Scripted, narrated by Gulzar’ji and music by Ustad Zakir Hussain.

KANUPRIYA – The repertories most beloved production, performed more than 65 times.

RAH – A collaborative SUFI production performed by Parvathy Baul and dancers of the repertory.

THE HERO IN SHDES – The Hero In Shades presents in true Kathak format excerpts from the great philosophical epic, The Mahābhārat.

The repertory also presents specially commissioned performances.

These include:

VASUNDHARA – commissioned by the Ministry of Agriculture, Govt. of India

NIRAASH – Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment sponsored performance on the issue of ‘Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking’

GARVITA – A choreographed performance to mark International Women’s Day for the Ministry of Women and Child Development

SWATAH – A choreographed production for the Ministry of Rural Development to generate awareness about the National Rural Employment Guarantee Act

and YAT PINDE TAT BRAHMANDE – Productions tailored for the Ministry of Science & Technology to mark the Technology Day

POTLI – To mark the International Day for Older People for the Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment

To train senior students from the academy the repertory often invites them to perform alongside. Two major performances in the past include:

SARVATRA – performed by only students

ABEER – performed by students & our repertory members

The Dhwani repertory has been extremely fortunate to have received the support of the following organizations