About Dhwani

Founded in 1984, Dhwani is a not for profit arts organisation, focusing mainly on promoting cultural literacy through dance performance and performing arts education and is recognized by the Ministry of Culture & empaneled with The Indian Council for Cultural Relations.

Under the direction of Smt. Vaswati Misra, Dhwani runs and administers:

The Pandit Shambhu Maharaj Kathak Academy:

Named after the legendary dancer, Padmashree Pt. Shambhu Maharaj ji, the academy focuses upon dance [kathak]* and music [*Hindustani classical*] education. Classes are designed both for the amateur artiste as well as for those who wish to pursue the art forms professionally.


The Dhwani Repertory, comprising full time professional dancers and musicians is a celebration of sound and movement drawing upon the dance form Kathak. Their performances are contemporary, yet resonate with a long history of cultural traditions. The repertory has performed at a number of major national and international festivals. Their tours have taken them to Bangladesh, Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, Surinam, Germany, Belgium, Ireland, Sweden, Denmark, Poland, Holland, Hungary, Switzerland, Italy, Morocco, United States of America, Japan, New Zealand, Indonesia, South Africa and Canada.
The repertory also creates specially designed thematic productions for ministries, corporate bodies etc.


Dhwani organizes various performances and events and presents both senior artists and young and promising performers. Through these events audiences are introduced to various art forms thus contributing to the growth of new spectators.
From its very first three day festival Rasaarchana, presented at the Kamani Auditorium in 1986, Dhwani has continued to fulfill its aim of fostering excellence in the performing arts.