Kathak Orientation Course 1

Foundations of Kathak

Course Duration – 6 months
Modules – 24
(You are required to repeat each module at least 4 times before moving onto the next one)
Module Duration – 30 mins
Pre- Requisites – N/A

Trial Classes

Orientation 1: Step - 1


Orientation Course 1 is a programme to teach the beginner student fundamental principles of the dance form. The student will learn the basic stance of the form, basic footwork, spin and arm techniques and then simple Tukdas and Tihais

Module 1 to 4

Basic exercises from seated to a standing position, general gestures, spins, explanation of taal, theka & nagma with tabla and sarangi

Module 5 to 8

Tatkaar, beat-off beat, four tukdas & three tihais, correct posture for ‘sum’

Module 9 to 12

Pushpak, Ardhaalingan, Soochi, two more tukdas & three more tihais

Module 13 to 16

Two more tukdas, one more tihai, ladi, kavit

Module 17 to 20

Kavit continued, two more tihais, tying of ghungroo

Module 21 to 24

Notations & Revision

There will be a periodical live on-line interaction with the teacher, where students get an opportunity to clear their doubts


Student will take a self assessment after every 4 modules

Final Assessment

At the end of the course the assessment will be in TWO parts

A) Students will be required to send their performance video as per the instructions given

B) Students need to appear for live on-line test

Note : Assessments are only compulsory for students wanting to continue to Orientation Course 2

Few Additional points to know more about the cource


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