The fond memories of Pt. Shambhu Maharaj, the great exponent of Kathak is the inspirational force behind the establishment of the institute. In 1954 Pt. Shambhu Maharaj ji was invited to Delhi by Smt. Nirmala Joshi to impart knowledge in Lucknow Gharana of Kathak & in 1956 he received the Padma Shri Award by Dr. Rajendra Prasad ji. It is an endeavor to relive the dreams of Maharaj ji in bringing Kathak to a certain glorified pedestal. The institute ‘Pt. Shambhu Maharaj Kathak Academy’ is being set up in 1999 by ‘Dhwani’ promising to edify the cult of artistic education by imparting a sound knowledge of Indian Classical Dance, Music and Culture.

Courses Offered :

General Course & Certificate Course

General Course :
For General Course minimum required age is 7yrs & minimum duration of the course would be 2yrs but there is no upper limit …… as in, if anybody is interested to just learn & wants to remain in the general course eternally, can remain. A flexible syllabus is designed as per the potential of the group. There is an annual assessment. This course is mainly designed for those prospects, who are keen to learn but do not want to go through the formal pressure of exams.

*Every fresher has to take admission under the General Course first.

Certificate Course :
Certificate Course has three levels – Diploma , Vishaarad & Nipun

For every certificate course one has to qualify an ENTRANCE TEST, which is held twice a year – DECEMBER & MAY. The syllabus for that Entrance Test remains with the office. Students who want to opt for the Certificate Course, should collect the form preferably at the time of admission if not, surely after completion of the first year. A month prior to the exam the ward needs to fill a FORM , which will enable him / her to sit for the exam, failing which he/she will not be permitted to take the exam. One has the liberty to take the ENTRANCE TEST any number of times.

All the certificate courses follow proper syllabus & has annual examinations for both practical as well as theory. Experts from the various fields are invited to evaluate. Those students found deserving are given scholarships. Each student is given a platform (solo) after the completion of each certificate course 

Students who complete Nipun may be offered a place in the Dhwani Repertory.

Both the general and certificate courses will basically follow the same syllabus. The difference lies in the approach of the student and the amount of time they are willing to devote to practicing and improving technique rather than in the teaching methodology.

A student, in the general course, will not have the pressure of exams and can move at a pace suited to their individual abilities. That is not to say, that the institute will not push them to do their best. Issues of passing and failing will not cause the student to feel pressured. A lot of people learn dance for the sheer joy of it with no thought to future prospects. Not everyone wishes to take it up as a career option as not everyone is suited for it. For those students who may eventually want to take up dance seriously either at university level, in the study of allied subjects like dance therapy, as performers, choreographers or indeed those who may choose to teach themselves, the certificate courses are useful. For everyone else, we believe, it is not needed. The final decision of course is the parents and the students but, the risk of failing in exams is always there and must be accepted.

Apart from the two mentioned courses we also offer
Bridge Course General : A specially designed course for the adults / older students.

Ankur Course : An orientation one year course for KIDS ---- Age 6 yrs

A Special six month SHORT TERM course is offered to the students with foreign passports.

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